What’s in a name?

My life is music and knitting. And family and faith, of course.

John Rutter’s song “All Things Bright And Beautiful” is going through my head as I begin this adventure. I am not one to pour out my feelings in a journal entry. I don’t even have a journal, come to think of it. So this is really out of character for me.

My music takes the form of musical theater right now. ‘Twas not always so. After a career as a voice teacher at the high school and college level, it is now time to mostly perform light opera and musicals. My knitting comes along. Always. In fact, I knocked out eighteen Christmas stockings back stage during a five week run as Mother Abbess in the Sound of Music. Nuns have a lot of down time in that show. I will put up a couple of pictures once I figure out how!

My knitting, right now, is taking the form of seven Celtic-themed shawls to give my friends as a surprise on a trip to the western isles of Scotland this summer. None of them are knitters, so they won’t find this. Sneaky. Probably no one will find this, so I’m safe, right?

Number one is on the needles: Celtic Myths by Asita Krebs. It should be done this week. Good thing, since I have six more to do.

Music and knitting. That’s what is in this name.

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